Where Are They Now? Featuring UNC Hockey Alum Scott Rehm

Where Are They Now? Featuring UNC Hockey Alum Scott Rehm

I matriculated to UNC in the fall of 1979 with the idea of majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics and aspiring to attend UNC Dental School eventually. I grew up in Williamsville, NY a suburb of Buffalo. My older brother and I started playing organized hockey at 5 and 4 years old respectively. Dad put a rink in the backyard after we both started playing hockey and to keep us busy in the winter.

Playing on the UNC Club Hockey team was a great outlet from academics at UNC and a way to burn off some energy. UNC played at Daniel Boone Rink in Hillsboro. NC State and Duke shared the facility.

UNC played against NCSU, Duke, UNC-Greensboro, University of Tennessee, University of AlabamaHuntsville, Emory University, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State. My memories of Daniel Boone Rink are unforgettable. The guy running the Zamboni wore a cowboy hat. He also sharpened skates. No usual skate sharpening terms were to be used. The Buzzword was a "Deep Hollow." Please do not mention radius cuts. Otherwise he would sharpen your skates like figure skates.

At one point, a game was delayed due to a refrigeration pipe being unearthed in the goal crease between periods by the Zamboni. The fix was interesting and I am glad I was not a goalie.

The games between UNC, NC State and Duke were quite heated with the NC State troopers in attendance. Beer was served at the rink and you can imagine the crowd got quite rowdy. The fraternity pledges for the Pi Lambda Phi house were required to go to our game. Myself and one brother from Long Island played on the team. We would bring an extra equipment bag of beer as "extra incentive " to give to the pledges for energy during the game. They would come to the locker room & pick it up before the game. It was particularly memorable to play against Duke since my older brother was the captain of their team and those games were bragging rights for more than one reason.

Playing in Knoxville versus the University of Tennessee always was memorable. We played on Friday and Saturday nights. Their rink had shorter boards with fencing around the back of the net. Apparently the Tennessee players knew that if they hit you up high that the opposing player would flip out of the rink. Yes this happened to myself. When I returned to Chapel Hill I called my brother at Duke and the same thing had happened to him the year before. You cannot make this up.

One game in Knoxville we were beating them 10-0 when I was on the ice and beer cans came raining out of the stands. I had a 1/2 open can land by my skate and I flipped it out into the crowd spraying several Tennessee fans! This of course caused a cheer from the Tarheel bench.We also had obscenities yelled at us regarding Michael Jordan!

The University of Alabama Huntsville played in the Von Braun Civic Center and this was a beautiful rink.

UAH would soon become a varsity team in Division I and they always had an excellent team. Till this day

I still do not like " Sweet Home Alabama " by Lynyrd Skynyrd since they played this song before and after all home games. The games were also on local television and the locals supported UAH.

The 82 nd Airborne would invite the UNC team to Fayetteville for exhibition games. This was free Ice time and they usually had 4 lines as opposed to our 2 or 3. As a defenseman, I do remember their star player was a short quick guy. One time when he was approaching our blue line and I hit him hard as he looked at the puck. Fortunately, he was only concussed for a short period of time. No concussion protocol back then. Afterwards he came up to me and asked about the check. I told it will teach him to keep his head up.



I played until I graduated for UNC Dental School I had made many good friends and this was an excellent outlet from the University setting. Of course the most fun was hanging out with teammates between periods or on road trips. This is another discussion!

Ice time was always tough to get. Our Captain, Bill Detmer, a Morehead Scholar from Connecticut had a training program for us in the off-season. We would meet at Fetzer Field soccer stadium where we had drills. Each player would take a brick in each hand and we would run up and down the bleachers from top to bottom. Inexpensive but effective. Bill was my brother's nemesis and he still talks about Detmer to this day.

After graduating from UNC Dental School in 1986, I did an internship at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. My brother was in Medical School in Baltimore, I was a resident of University of Maryland. In addition, we were roommates.

I then did my Oral and Maxillofacial surgery residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago and Cook County Hospital. After four years in Chicago I decided to accept a job in Greensboro since I really enjoyed my times in the Carolinas.

I have been actively practicing here since 1991 and was immediately the OMFS for the minor league hockey teams and subsequently the Carolina Hurricanes from 1997-1999. They were temporarily in Greensboro until the PNC arena opened in Raleigh.

I continued to play in the Greensboro men's hockey league until last year, as my practice has gotten too busy.

I have had partial season tickets for the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh since 2000. The 2006 season of course was extremely exciting since my Father drove down from Maryland for most of the games and we saw the Stanley Cup presented in Raleigh. If you ever visit my office you will see myself with the

Stanley Cup, signed original 1997 Hurricanes jersey and a signed Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers jersey.


Scott Rehm DDS